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Dr. Mary Ann Tanksley

Ahimsa Health Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine


Clara Parker

  Words alone are totally insufficient to express my gratitude for your “ART   ​​of HEALING” my total body using your special wisdom of Acupuncture.  It has ​been a “miraculous” journey for me and I want to shout it to the universe!  ​Here’s why!​​​​​​​​​​​​ For the past seven years I have experienced symptoms severe enough ​to land me in the ER.  At first it was once a year.  Then it was every six months.     ​This past year, from December to June, I was in the ER six (6) TIMES.  The sad ​truth was, not at any time did the good doctors find anything significant the ​matter with my physical body.  They told me, “Your heart is strong”, Your lungs ​are good”, “Your liver and kidney’s are just fine”, “Your blood is good”, “You are​​ a walking miracle” (because I was 90-years-old).  It got to the point where I truly ​was sympathetic with the doctors because they were so frustrated.​​​​ My last visit to the ER (I left just as sick as when I went in); My daughter ​took me home and spent the night, deeply concerned about my condition.  The ​next morning I told her “I want to visit your friend who is an Acupuncturist”.​​​ Those are the most rewarding words that ever left my lips!  For the first ​time I heard the powerful words…”I can help you!”   Oh, Wow!  What a blessing!​​​ Each treatment has been an awesome, soothing experience.  If I should ​mention that my fourth toe hurt me yesterday, she would respond with “Um, ​that’s your gall bladder”.  And she’d fix it!  Really! Mary Ann is such a caring, kind soul!  With the perfection of her craft, she has to be the best of the best.  ​I now look forward to living a vibrant/healthy 100…10???. ​​​​   ​ I am a true believer in the art of Acupuncture and want to shout it from ​the mountain top!